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Interact core focus: EDUCATION

Learning has three sub-groups; Thinking, Education and Research

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Multifaceted cultural and intercultural education and training programme.
The programme has two components, accredited training and bespoke options.

Accredited Education & Training:

~ ILM Intercultural Leadership & Management (Level 3)

Bespoke Education & Training, Strategy & Leadership Training:

~ Intercultural Leadership: A Strategic Perspective
~ Intercultural Competency: Tools & Techniques
~ Global Intercultural Concepts: A Contemporary and Critical Overview of Global Intercultural Concepts & Theories

Bespoke Education & Training, Strategy & Business and Commercial Sector:

~ Contemporary Business: Intercultural Leadership & Intercultural Competency
~ Intercultural Leadership: Providing a Competitive Advantage

Public Policy & Public Services:

~ Contemporary Public Policy – An Intercultural Perspective
~ Engaging, Consulting, Delivering – Intercultural Competencies
~ Engaging, Consulting, Delivering – An Intercultural Public Policy Approach

Education and Educational Policy:

~ Integrated Early Education and Intercultural Leadership
~ Education and Intercultural Leadership
~ Teachers: A Crash Course in Intercultural Competency
~ Engage: Family Engagement – An Intercultural Approach

The Community & Faith Sector:

~ Intercultural Leadership: Effective Community Engagement
~ Faith based Organisations: Benefits of an Intercultural Approach