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Interact core focus: CONSULTANCY

Action has two sub-groups; Consultancy & Competency

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INTERACT, Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action, provide tailored and flexible specialist intercultural consultancy support. Creatively incorporating strategic intercultural leadership and intercultural competency, the programme is designed and tailored to meet individual organisational needs and requirements. Flexible support options include the following components:

Organisational Assessment:

~ Undertake cultural and intercultural organisational assessments (flexibly including self and external assessments).


~ Designing and formulating intercultural staff, user and community engagement strategies.


~ Aligning and incorporating intercultural strategies into existing project, programme and strategic planning approaches. Designing and implementing bespoke targeting planning methods, integrating cultural and intercultural dimensions.

Change Management:

~ Building cultural intelligence and intercultural competency into organisational change management strategies and planning programmes.

Training & Development:

~ Integrating and incorporating intercultural competency and intercultural intelligence training interventions alongside existing human development strategies.

Intervention Evaluation:

~ Design and undertake bespoke intercultural organisational evaluation to meet operational, performance and compliance requirements.